2023 CrossFit Games Athletes: Open Through Semi Standings

July 26, 20234 min read

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If you have been following along over the last couple weeks with our:

Male Athlete Spotlights

Female Athlete Spotlight

You’ll have noticed that we have regularly been referring to each athlete’s performance against the field of 2023 Games qualifiers. Well, here is the document which shows their results all stacked up against each other:

WOMEN – CrossFit Games – 2023 – OPEN – SEMIS – 16 Tests Ranking

MEN – CrossFit Games – 2023 – OPEN – SEMIS – 16 Tests Ranking

*Research credit: Mike Halpin

You can spend as much time as you’d like studying it and breaking it down, however, seeing as we’ve been doing that for weeks, we picked a few things which stand out to us as well: 

No Bottom Finishes

There are only three men and five women with zero bottom-10 finishes:

  • Jeffrey Adler, Dallin Pepper, Samuel Cournoyer
  • Gabriela Migala, Emma Cary, Arielle Loewen, Danielle Brandon, Amanda Barnhart

Most Top-10 Finishes

There is only one man, and there are three women, with at least 10 out of 16 top-10 finishes:

  • Patrick Vellner (11)
  • Laura Horvath (11)
  • Gabriela Migala (11)
  • Paige Powers (10)

50% Top 5 Finish Rates

Only two women and one man had top-5 finish rates of at least 50%:

  • Jeff Adler, 9 events (56%)
  • Laura Horvath and Emma Cary, 8 events each (50%)

Most Test Wins

As mentioned in the individual breakdowns, three athletes managed to win three tests already this year:

  • Justin Medeiros
  • Jonne Koski
  • Emma Cary

Five more athletes managed two test wins so far this season:

  • Dallin Pepper
  • Samuel Cournoyer
  • Jelle Hoste
  • Laura Horvath
  • Ellie Turner

Biggest Top to Bottom-10 Splits

There have been two women and three men who have had at least 5 top-10 AND at least 5 bottom-10 finishes acrosses the 16 tests:

  • Jonne Koski: 6 top 10 / 5 bottom 10
  • Colten Mertens: 6 top 10 / 6 bottom 10
  • Jonne Koski: 5 top 10 / 7 bottom 10
  • Ellile Turner: 6 top 10 / 6 bottom 10
  • Caroline Stanley: 5 top 10 / 6 bottom 10

What did you find?

If you spend some time with the spreadsheets we’re sure you’ll find a pattern or scenario we’ve missed. Leave a comment and let us know what stands out to you. 

Team Spotlights:

TEAMS – CrossFit Games – 2023 – QF & SEMIS – 11 Tests Ranking

The Best are the Best

Taylor Williamson and Andrea Nisler Games 2022 copy

Photo Credit: CrossFit LLC

The top 10 teams from Quarterfinals and Semifinals have a total of 5 bottom 10 event finishes. 

  • PRVN, Invcitus, Franco’s Misfits, No Shortcuts, and Oslo Navy Blue have 0 combined
  • Torian Mayhem, MFLH 247, Omnia, Mayhem Independence, and Walleye have 1 each

Highs and Lows

There are four teams who have had at least 3 top-ten AND 3 botto- ten finishes

  • AB Mayhem: 4 top 10 / 3 bottom 10
  • Invictus Unconquerable: 5 top 10 / 3 bottom 10
  • Kilo II: 3 top 10 / 3 bottom 10
  • CrossFit Believe:  3 top 10 / 5 bottom 10

Top 10 70% of the Time or More

There are only four teams with a top ten finish rate of at least 70%.

  • Invictus: 91% (10/11 tests)
  • PRVN: 82% (9/11 tests)
  • Franco’s MIsfits: 73% (8/11 tests)
  • Torian Mayhem: 73% (8/11 tests)

Let us know what you notice in the comments. 

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