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BFriendly Fitness is many things, but its primary focus is to provide Brian’s content in an easy-to-access and no-barrier-to-entry format. 

Most of the content will be promoted via the Instagram page: @Bfriendlyfitness. Make sure you follow 😉

It’s important to Brian that the content is almost exclusively available to everyone. However, there will be ways to support those who want to financially. Support opportunities will exist in various ways, from sponsors to partners to advertising… but also for the everyday person who wants to contribute a couple of dollars per month to keep the content coming. 

Many people have asked Brian for something like this for a couple of years, but he was intent on waiting for the right time. He believes it is now and is excited about how BFriendly Fitness can provide information and services moving forward.

The website will host 

  • Articles, primarily Brian’s, but also select guest authors
  • Power rankings (both historical and current)
  • Links to his past work (both written and podcasts)
  • Independent video clips with his thoughts on relevant topics
  • Disc golf content (will be built over time)
  • Merchandise 
  • A programming blog with his own personal workouts and thoughts behind them
  • Competition Consulting services
Brain Friend Founder


Following his collegiate soccer days, friends introduced Brian to CrossFit in the fall of 2013. It filled a void in his life and quickly became a mainstay for him. He signed up for the Open that year and has done every one since. 

The North Central Regional was in Chicago that year. He went with a few friends and was instantly intrigued by the sport of CrossFit in addition to the lifestyle and methodology. Two years later, in 2016, he went to his first CrossFit Games as a fan- he’s been to everyone since other than the 2020 Games.

In 2018 he took a chance and reached out to the media director at CrossFit, Sevan Matossian. Matossian gave him a chance on the CrossFit Podcast during the Open, then subsequently at both the East and West Regionals that year, and eventually invited him to the Games. 

At the 2018 CrossFit Games Brian forged several relationships which would prove valuable in the changing competition landscape over the next couple of years. Because of the people he met and worked with that summer he had opportunities to work in a variety of different roles at several Sanctionals over the next two seasons. He has continued to work for the CrossFit Games competition season as well.

In the spring of 2019 Brian returned to his original gym, CrossFit PFT, as a full time coach for them. He coached there for the past four years, bringing his expertise from a variety of coaching backgrounds including as a varsity soccer coach at high schools in Texas and Florida, and as an OPEX coach providing individualized lifestyle and training programs for two dozen clients. 

Despite being well known for his knowledge of the best CrossFit athletes in the world, he is just as big a proponent of CrossFit for what it was before the sport existed. A lifestyle, and a daily choice, to challenge oneself alongside others; creating healthier, tougher, happier, and stronger people.


Patrick Clark


A veteran of the sports media field, Patrick brings over 25 years of experience in both collegiate and professional athletics into the fitness space. He found the sports media after his collegiate football playing days were over, working in the media departments for schools like his alma mater Southern Illinois University Carbondale and at the University of Missouri. He then spent one year in Bristol, Conn. as a researcher for the Emmy Award-winning College Gameday and the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament. He then spent over eight years as the Assistant Sports Information Director at Southeast Missouri State where he helped relaunch the school’s athletic website and revamp their sports media presentation.

In 2014 he deployed to the Middle East where he served as the liaison between US military forces and Gulf Cooperation Council countries, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt military and government entities. It was during his deployment that Patrick found CrossFit receiving his L1 at CrossFit Arifijan in Kuwait.

In 2017 Patrick served as a volunteer judge at the Central Regionals and later the Games in Madison, Wisc. He continued judging for CrossFit during the 2018 season when he was selected for the Atlantic and Central Regionals and once again for the Games. During the 2019 season he judged at five Sanctionals including the inaugural Rogue Invitational and was the head judge at the Asia CrossFit Championship. He would go onto judge at the 2019 Games before stepping away to concentrate on media.

Since then he has become one of the top CrossFit analysts and has since used that knowledge of athletes, the sport, brands and business to start Pinnacle Athletics Collective, an athlete management company, to help athletes achieve their goals of becoming professional athletes, making the Games and becoming the best person they can be.

Patrick is entering his 29th year as a member of the US Army, currently at the rank of captain, he just completed the Army’s Public Affairs & Communication Strategy Course. 

He also owns and operates Athlete’s Eye Photography, a sports photography company that shoots many of the top events in his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. It’s in the STL that you will find him with his two dogs Yadi and Muse, named after two of the best Cardinals players of all-time, frequenting as many Mexican restaurants to find the best tacos.


Chad Mueller CCO


Chad is the creative and marketing mastermind behind the scenes; Chad manages all things creative and technical and generally gets it done!

He’s worked with Sherpawerks, Morning Chalk Up, Podium, Brute Strength and many others. 

These days Chad is passionate about bridging the gap between creativity and fitness!

Image Credit – @sarahameliafoto