Are you using WODProof App for the 2024 CrossFit Open?!?!?!

March 7, 20243 min read

Image Credit – Alexander Pettersson

One of the earliest and most consistent supporters of me in my journey throughout CrossFit coverage and practicing it in my own life has been WODProof app, and they are here for you too. Since the beginning, the WODProof team have sought to bring the easiest, most user-friendly and practical service when it comes to recording, documenting, and submitting your workout videos, during online qualifiers, in training, and throughout a competitive season.

Despite being the forerunners in many of the advancements when it comes to doing this sort of thing within the CrossFit ecosystem, they are always also looking to expand and push forward. This year they have once again brought it upon themselves to improve and refine their technology for your benefit and mine.

Here are a few ways in which finding, recording, and submitting the Open and quarterfinal workouts for the 2024 Games season has never been easier if you are you are using the WODProof app.

  • From the moment the Open workout is announced, it’ll be found inside the WODProof app
  • In one click you can access the recorder with all the workout pre-set timers
  • connect your c2 erg to make all stats broadcast in real-time to the screen without worrying about showing the C2 Monitor during the entire workout.
  • Once the recording is over, there is the possibility to back it up in the WODProof Cloud and get a unique link to your workout so you can submit it directly to CrossFit Games leaderboard  – no YouTube upload is needed. And, even more conveniently for the user, once you click on the upload to the WODProof cloud button, you can switch to another app, and it will upload the video in the background.
  • An AI-generated summary of your workout is automatically created after each recording. Find it in your profile so you can share your performance on social media in one click.

For a lot of athletes in CrossFit the process of doing an online competition can be intimidating, confusing and complicated. If you are not already using WODProof app, try it out and find out for yourself how much easier those things can be while removing some of the stress that can be associated with online competition.


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Patrick Clark

Patrick is a veteran CrossFit writer and photographer with over 20 years of experience in professional and collegiate sports media. Before joining BarBend as a CrossFit writer, he worked for the Morning Chalk Up. Clark is also an Army Veteran, the proud Dog Father of two pups, a taco lover, and an avid runner.


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One Comment:

  • Immanuel

    March 8, 2024 / at 6:34 am

    WeTime does all of this (except the AI stuff) for free (except C2 integration for a fee). After WodProof changed to a subscription only model I don’t see why anyone would use them. Open to have my mind changed, but most people will just use the timer function so I don’t see what competitive advantage they have versus other free apps.

    The “bionic” function and training programs are not a selling point either. There is no chance my phone can accurately measure my mobility/form and most people are already paying for some programming so have little value in the additional (fixed) programs offered on WodProof. Again, I’m open to have my mind changed, but I really don’t see the value.

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