• November 8, 2023By Brian

    Photo Credit: CrossFit LLC Open Length and Dates The Open will be three weeks long once again this year. That is consistent with how it’s been since 2021.  The Open is taking place between February 29 and March 18, which is very much in line with what we’ve come to expect in terms of Open

  • July 30, 2023By Brian

    The team competition is slated to take place from Thursday August 3 through Sunday August 6. There will be two days of competition for all the teams, then a cut down to 30. There will be an additional day of competition for those 30 teams, then a final cut down to 20. The top 20

  • July 11, 2023By Peter White

    Image Credits: CrossFit LLC Similar to the Male and Female athlete spotlights that Brian Friend has created as living documents, this will act as a guide to the Teams leaderboard of the NOBULL CrossFit Games. Starting with five teams and adding in fives until all 38 teams competing in Madison this year are covered. (Pending drug

  • June 26, 2023By Brian

    **Contributions by Barclay Dale, Brian Friend, and Mike Halpin** Image Credits: Athlete’s Eye If you missed part one of this two part series you can find it here. This two-part series is a collection of findings we’ve observed after filtering through cross-semifinal leaderboards for a couple weeks. We acknowledged certain disclaimers in part one about what

  • June 21, 2023By Brian

    Contributions by Barclay Dale, Brian Friend and Mike Halpin One of the big changes to the 2023 season was the re-introduction of uniform programming for the final qualifying stage to the CrossFit Games (Semifinals)  for both elite individuals and teams. One of the most appealing things about standardized programming is the ability to compare athletes

  • May 29, 2023By Brian

    Image Credit: Athlete’s Eye Europe and Asia The final 12 of 38 team spots to the 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games will be handed out this weekend; 10 of those spots will come from Europe, and the last two will come from Asia.  Asia Teams Field Several returning affiliate teams in the top ten in Europe, but

  • May 22, 2023By Brian

    Image Credit: Athlete’s Eye North America West, Oceania, and South America Fifteen of the 38 team spots to the 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games will be earned this weekend; 10 of those spots will come from North America West, 3 will come from Oceania, and 2 will come from South America.  South America Teams Field In

  • May 15, 2023By Brian

    Photo Credit – Athlete’s Eye Africa and North America East Semifinals Games spots for teams were determined prior to the season with no intention or effort to evaluate the competitive field of play. Week 1 of Semifinals has 11 available qualifying spots for teams, 10 spots are allocated to the North America East field, and

  • April 28, 2023By Brian

    Image Credit - PRVN Fitness It’s difficult to do a Power Rankings for teams any earlier in the season than this. Given the rules about who can participate and contribute and be listed on a teams roster in the early stages of the season it isn’t really until Semifinals, the qualifying stage to the Games,