2023 CrossFit Games: Team Power Rankings

July 30, 20234 min read

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The team competition is slated to take place from Thursday August 3 through Sunday August 6. There will be two days of competition for all the teams, then a cut down to 30. There will be an additional day of competition for those 30 teams, then a final cut down to 20. The top 20 teams will then finish the competition on Sunday. 

There is a big vacancy in the team division without CrossFit Mayhem Freedom, however, the women from their 2022 Champion team are back, this time with CrossFit East Nashville PRVN. They are the headliners and come in as the favorites to win this year:

The Top Ten

1CrossFit East Nashville PRVN
2CrossFit Invictus
3No Shortcuts CrossFit
4CrossFit Oslo Navy Blue
5CrossFit Franco’s Misfits
6CrossFit Mayhem Independence
7CrossFit Omnia
8CrossFit Torian Mayhem
9CrossFit Move Fast Lift Heavy 247
10CrossFit CLT the Grit Haus

CrossFit Invictus is gunning for the top spot, I think they’ll get close but come up just short.

There’s a new challenger in Europe with the No ShortCuts team. I expect a close battle between the teams listed 3rd through 5th on this list for the final podium spot. 

Both Mayhem teams listed here are teams I feel will do better at the Games than Semifinals. 

And the CLT Grit Haus, when healthy, is definitely good enough to challenge for a top 10 finish. 

Spots 11-20

CrossFit Krypton NA East Semifinals 2023 2
11CrossFit Krypton
12CrossFit Walleye Athlete
13CrossFit Oslo Blackout
14CrossFit Kilo II
15CrossFit Genas
16CrossFit AB Mayhem
17Plus 64 CrossFit 64 Army
18CrossFit Prestanda
19CrossFit Invictus Unconquerable
20CrossFit Trondheim

I consider most of the teams in this group as having a chance to make the top 10, but much more likely to finish in this range. 

CrossFit Genas will likely be better than they were at Semis as one of their women is just over a year back from giving birth. 

AB CrossFit will likely have some highs and lows, but with Games style programming I think a few more lows than they had at Semis. 

There are only two European teams in the top-ten, but five more check in here. Curious to see if any of these can push into the top ten.

Spots 21-30

Rhino CrossFit Dawgs NA West Semifinal 2023 2 1
21CrossFit OBA
22CrossFit Believe
23Koda CrossFit Redemption
24CrossFit Rhino Dawgs
25TTT CrossFit Black
26CrossFit Milford Team Conquer
27CrossFit PSC Invasion
28CrossFit Invictus Sea of Green
29CrossFit Oslo NAJS
30CrossFit Portii

These teams will have to fight to make the final round of cuts, but most of them will miss out on Sunday. I’d say the top 5 teams here will be within reasonable range to make that happen Saturday.

Spots 31-38

CrossFit Fly High Kolesnikov Team Asia Semifinal 2023 1
31Rotherham CrossFit
32Einhorn CrossFit Ascend
33PFC CrossFit 3076
34CrossFit Fly High Kolesnikov Team
35Templo SA CrossFit
36Q21 CrossFit
37CrossFit Marvel Black
38Cape CrossFit Wolfpack

There has yet to be a push from qualifying teams out of South America, Asia, and Africa in a way that leads me to believe they can get past the first cut. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong, but until I am, they stay down here. 

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