Competition Consulting

Brian’s worked with competition directors, broadcast teams, and media teams. He’s advised concerning programming, floor layouts, judging standards and expectations, fan experience (both virtual and on-site), and strategy. He’s live-streamed competitions, broadcasted major events, and helped produce others. These events range in size from CrossFit Games Semifinals to major offseason events such as Wodapalooza and Dubai, to Sanctionals including Filthy 150 and Strength in Depth. They include off-season events like the Zelos Games, team competitions like Crash Crescendo, and online competitions like the NOpen. 

Brian has a passion for working with event organizers to help ensure their events meet the standards they want for all parties involved. If you’re interested in working with us to help maintain or improve the standards you strive to offer, contact us and we’ll set up a meeting.

Brian has worked with dozens of competitions regards to programming, logistics, standards, and fan experience.

Past Event Partners

A list of events that we’ve worked with.

Competition Consulting - Wodapalooza
Competition Consulting - Dubai FItness Championship Logo
Competition Consulting - Zelos Games
Competition Consulting - Crossfit Lowlands Throwdown
Competition Consulting - Nopen

What is Competition Consulting?


Evaluation of your programming. Is it well balanced, it is appropriate for the level of competitor, is there anything missing?

Floor Layout

Does the way athletes and equipment are positioned and moving around the competition floor make sense? Is it easy for spectators to follow? Is it a safe layout? Can judging effectively happen in the environment created?

Judging / Movement Standards

Are we putting judges in a position to succeed? Are the movement standards well written and easy to understand?

Spectator Experience

Will the people on site be able to understand the flow of every workout? Who is doing what, when? Who is winning?

Broadcast Plan

Same as spectator, only for the people at home. This can look a lot of different ways depending on available equipment etc. But if you are providing any sort of broadcast, you want the people at home to have a great experience- and you need to understand that the broadcasted version of your competition is the one that lives one.

Live Stream with Expert Commentary (on site only)

  • Bringing Brian to your competition to provide some level of live stream experience for families, coaches, supporters, and fans at home or around the world. 
  • This can look many different ways from as simple as Brian doing it on his own with his phone, to offering something a little more comprehensive similar to what was done at Zelos Games in the fall of 2022.