A Decade of Consecutive Games Qualifications: Celebrating Noah Ohlsen, Cole Sager and Björgvin Karl Guðmundsson

July 10, 20235 min read

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Earning a spot to the CrossFit Games once is no small feat, let alone doing it ten years in a row. Three of the 40 individual men heading to Madison later this month qualified for their tenth consecutive CrossFit Games. Today, we celebrate Björgvin Karl Guðmundsson, Cole Sager and Noah Ohlsen’s career accomplishments.

History of Competition Finishes

The three men have competed in a total of 117 competitions over their careers. 

OpenRegionalsCrossFit Games
202173rd41st6th34th / 1st21st / 1st8th / 2nd4th14th10th
202232nd374th107th8th / 2nd40th / 3rd5th / 4th9th13th12th
202345th251st84th9th / 8th21st / 9th6th / 7thTBDTBDTBD
YearSanctional/Off-Season CompetitionBKGColeNoah
2018Dubai CrossFit Championship2nd
2019Dubai CrossFit Championship4th
2019Fittest in Cape Town2nd
2019Italian Showdown3rd
2019Reykjavik CrossFit Championship1st
2019The Rogue Invitational3rd8th
2019Wodapalooza Fitness Festival
2020The Rogue Invitational2nd11th3rd
2020Wodapalooza Fitness Festival2nd3rd
2021Rogue Invitational4th11th
2022Rogue Invitational6th14th9th
2022Wodapalooza Fitness Festival4th

In a head to head matchup of the competitions all three men competed on the same leaderboard (Open, Quarterfinals, CrossFit Games, Rogue 2020 and 2022), Noah has 12 wins, BKG has 11 wins, and Cole has one*.

*Head to head matchup wins are bolded.

The CrossFit Games

Best Finish3rd5th2nd2nd
Worst Finish26th20th15th26th
Top 10 Finishes83718
Average Finish7.912.27.79.3

Collectively, their best year at the Games was 2019 where Noah took second and BKG finished third while Cole placed 11th. Their closest year was in 2018 where BKG, Noah, and Cole took 5th, 6th, and 7th, respectively.

CrossFit Games Top-10 Event Finishes


If they each have another CrossFit Games finish consistent with past performance, we can expect to see all three men having 4-7 top-10 finishes.

CrossFit Games Event Wins

Murph (2015)The Separator (2016)Mary (2019)
Event 13 (2021)The Battleground (2018)Handstand Hold (2020)
Event 11 (2021)

The three men average roughly one event win per year. With no event win in 2022, they may be due for one this year.

A History of Individual Performance 

These men’s CrossFit careers go well beyond their performance at the Games. Below is a summary of their individual performances across their entire careers.

Björgvin Karl Guðmundsson

Photo credit: CrossFit LLC

Photo credit: CrossFit LLC

Total Events Competed In – 298

Total Wins – 12

Top 10 Finish Rate – 51.3%

Ordered Modality Proficiency – M, G, W

Best Single Modality – M

Best Couplet – GG

Best Triplet – GGM

Best Event # of a Competition – First event

Best Weightlifting Equipment – Odd Object

Worst Weightlifting Equipment – Kettlebell/Dumbbell

Cole Sager

Cole Sager NA West Semifinal 2023

Total Events Competed In – 297

Total Wins – 13

Top 10 Finish Rate – 42.4%

Ordered Modality Proficiency – M, G, W

Best Single Modality – M

Best Couplet – GW

Best Triplet – GGM

Best Event # of a Competition – Second to last event

Best Weightlifting Equipment – Odd Object

Worst Weightlifting Equipment – Barbell

Noah Ohlsen

Noah Ohlsen NA East Semifinal 2023

Total Events Competed In – 316

Total Wins – 12

Top 10 Finish Rate – 55.4%

Ordered Modality Proficiency – G, W, M

Best Single Modality – G

Best Couplet – GW

Best Triplet – WWG

Best Event # of a Competition – Last event

Best Weightlifting Equipment – Kettlebell/Dumbbell

Worst Weightlifting Equipment – Odd Object

In Conclusion

Guðmundsson, Sager, and Ohlsen have accomplished something ten times over that many dream of achieving once. They will go down in CrossFit history as some of the best to ever do it. And they’re not done yet.

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