The Alpaca (Redux) Is a State of Mind

August 5, 20234 min read

We got a rare opportunity at the Rogue North Park on Friday: a second chance for the Alpaca that never was last year. In 2022, the test Alpaca was drastically changed because of a rainstorm on Sunday morning, which caused some of the ropes to be soaked and unusable for the workout and putting a damper on Adrian Bozman’s Sunday morning test.

The version we saw in 2022 was as follows:

The Alpaca

For time:

  • 126-ft sled push, decreasing in load
  • 2 legless rope climbs*
  • 20 kettlebell clean and jerks
  • 42-ft sled push with 2 KBs
  • 2 legless rope climbs*
  • 15 kettlebell clean and jerks
  • 42-ft sled push with 4 KBs
  • 2 legless rope climbs*
  • 10 kettlebell clean and jerks
  • 42-ft sled push with 6 KBs

Women: Six 24-kg kettlebells Men: Six 32-kg kettlebells

*Rope climbs removed due to weather conditions.

The updated version we got today is known as “The Alpaca Redux” and is as follows:

The Alpaca Redux

All for time:

  • 126-foot sled push, starting with all six kettlebells (443/546 lb)
  • Then 3 rounds of:
    • 2 legless rope climbs
    • 12 kettlebell clean and jerks
    • 42-foot sled push, starting with two kettlebells* (53/70 lb)
    • *Add two kettlebells to the sled after each round.

With the “take 2” for Bozman, we can also see another try for the athletes and see who thrived and who dived.


AthleteRank – The Alpaca ReduxRank – Alpaca 2022Rank Difference
Spencer Panchik1324+11
Dallin Pepper415+11
Brent Fikowski311+8
Jeffrey Adler816+8
Björgvin Karl Guðmundsson612+6
Jay Crouch2228+6
Noah Ohlsen1618+2
Will Moorad2829+1
Roman Khrennikov110
Justin Medeiros75-2
Nick Mathew1513-2
Jonne Koski1410-4
Henrik Haapalainen3026-4
Uldis Upenieks2419-5
Cole Sager3627-9
Alex Vigneault3425-9
Lazar Đukić189-9
Jayson Hopper196-13
Samuel Kwant202-18
Patrick Vellner273-24

Before I say anything else, Roman owns the Alpaca going 2 for 2. Roman brought his trophy from the 2022 Alpaca to give as a gift to Adrian Bozman and said Boz can keep The Alpaca Redux trophy as well.

The biggest change for the men is an 11-place improvement for both Spencer Panchik and Dallin Pepper. Panchik moved from 24th in 2022 to 13th in 2023, and Pepper went from 15th (middle of the pack in 2022) to 4th. Patrick Vellner took the biggest hit, going from finishing 3rd on a Sled and Kettlebell test to 27th.


AthleteRank – The Alpaca ReduxRank – AlpacaRank Difference
Emma Lawson42420
Paige Semenza142511
Paige Powers19267
Alexis Raptis561
Baylee Rayl28291
Laura Horvath21-1
Christine Kolenbrander2322-1
Arielle Loewen1310-3
Matilde Garnes2116-5
Danielle Brandon2014-6
Karin Freyová113-8
Gabriela Migała155-10
Amanda Barnhart248-16
Ellie Turner224-18
Seher Kaya3111-20
Emma McQuaid337-26

On the women’s side, Laura took a 1 placement hit, but the winner this year wasn’t there last year. Laura won the Alpaca last year and finished 2nd to Emma Tall this time. The biggest improvement was Emma Lawson, who jumped up 20 spots from 24th to 4th. Emma McQuaid took the biggest hit with the addition of the 2 legless rope climbs, moving from 7th all the way down to 33rd. McQuaid withdrew from competition prior to Test 6 ‘Helena’.

The rope climbs made all the difference, for the test and for the athletes, one way or another. The Alpaca is a state of mind and so is the redo…sorry… redux.

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