Madrid Championship Preview and Predictions

September 6, 20235 min read

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The 2023 Madrid Championship starts Thursday, September 7. This year it’s a four day event for the elite divisions, which will be broadcast in English on YouTube and in Spanish on DAZN.  

The rosters for the elite individual divisions were preliminary announced via the Madrid Championship Instagram, but that was a couple weeks ago. We’ve been able to obtain the updated roster of competitors and are making some predictions based on that, and the workouts which have already been announced (it appears six of the seven scored events for the elite divisions have been released). 

Elite Individual Tests

Elite Team Tests

Men’s Preview and Predictions

There are three men in the elite individual field who just competed at the 2023 CrossFit Games, and several others who have in the past. Based on the most current roster, here are our top-20 picks for the elite men’s division: 

Top-20 Predictions
1Jonne Koski
2Lazar Đukić
3Travis Mayer
4Uldis Upenieks
5Giorgos Karavis
6Alex Kotoulas
7Luka Đukić
8Adrian Mundwiler
9Antoine Dumain
10Colin Bosshard
11Luka Vunjak
12Victor Helsinghoff
13Martin Cuervo
14Ben Fowler
15Felix Rehder
16Simon Mantyla
17Iurrii Marincenco
18Sam Robinson
19Axel Lundgren
20Kevin Jurs

Jonne Koski was 6th at the Games this year, the highest placing finisher amongst all European men at the Games. Lazar Đukić, 9th at the Games, joined him in the top-ten, something he can now say he’s done for three consecutive years. Đukić was the top European athlete last season, Koski holds that title now, so the battle is on! 

Travis Mayer missed this year giving his body a chance to heal, but he’s ready. He competed here last year and got off to a slow start that held him back from potentially winning. He should be ready to go on multiple fronts and is a contender to be sure. 

Women’s Preview and Predictions

Although it hasn’t been released yet, Karin Freyova will join Victoria Campos in this field as the only two 2023 Games athletes. Freyova has to come in as the favorite, and we get a great chance to see Campos go against a formidable European women’s field. The road to the podium won’t be easy though as there are several women who have either been at the Games before, narrowly missed it this year, or are likely to be there soon in Spain this weekend. Here are our top-20 picks for the women’s elite division: 

Top 20 Predictions
1Karin Freyova
2Jacqueline Dahlstrom
3Anikha Greer
4Thuri Helgadottir
5Elena Carratala Sanahuja
6Mirka Henriksson
7Linda Keesman
8Andrea Solberg
9Victoria Campos
10Noortje Bleeker
11Emelie Lundberg
12Valentina Magalotti
13Silvia Garcia
14Var Thurmann-Moe
15Maddy Harris
16Helen Nutter
17Martyna Krysiak
18Madeleine Persson
19Aline Wirz
20Julia Blazejowska

Dahlstrom, Helgadottir, and Carratala will each be looking to make a statement that missing the Games this season does not mean they can’t still compete well against a strong field in Europe. Anikha Greer missed making her first Games in the North American East semifinal by incredibly small margins. She’s an up-and-comer in the sport for sure, and it will be entertaining to see her battle against some established veterans from Europe. 

Elite Team Preview and Predictions

The team rosters have been changing a bit of late, and we won’t be 100% on some of these until registration. In the meantime, based on what we have been able to gather, here are the top-10 teams we’re looking at: 

1Los NinosNoah Ohlsen
Chandler Smith
Lena Richter
Sydney Michalyshen
2Training CultureAniol Ekai
Tayla Howe
Guillaume Briant
Claudia Gluck
3Training Culture BananasPablo Cazalis
Verena Evelyn Reimers
Fabian Beneito Selles
Jessi Smith
4Team GOWODMia Hesketh
Kristof Horvath
Mike Needleman
Julie Hougard
5Flaek XViktor Munter
Astrid Tind
Mia Furu
Frederik Stuhde
6CrossFit NijmegenMilou Jaspers
Merlijn Pietersma
Kendra Pennings
Sandra Van Roekel
7ZollschrankenLukas Becker
Josef Hesse
Judith Melcher
Franziska Hoger
8Battle CancerJanie Garratt
Otis Oliver Purchase
Miles Canning
Caroline Doyle
9Team UNCHAINEDTiago Luzes
Ella Wunger
Gonzalo Del Rio
Raignhild Seim
10CrossFit 10 K CapitalIiris Rosenlof
Anton Hassel
Kerttu Aho
Sam Zerlik

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