Top-200 Male CrossFitters: 2023 Offseason

November 13, 20239 min read

Throughout the offseason I’ve been traveling around the world to competitions big and small doing my best to learn as much as I can about the best CrossFitters around the globe. It’s a very difficult task as there are athletes everywhere, constantly competing, improving and popping up on the radar. They don’t all compete against each other, so it’s a tricky balance to assess how an athlete who looks good in one competition in a certain part of the world against a lesser known field compares to an athlete who does average against a strong field in a different part of the world.

We’re about halfway through the offseason though, and it’s a good time to get a pulse on who the best male CrossFitters are based on the information we do have. 

We know some of these athletes won’t compete next year, and others will compete on a team, or possibly even in the Masters divisions. We will account for those as those details become relevant the next time we do this, which will be right before the Open in March. 

The Top-25

1Jeff Adler14Noah Ohlsen
2Roman Khrennikov15Jayson Hopper
3Ricky Garard16Saxon Panchik
4Patrick Vellner17Jay Crouch
5Justin Medeiros18Jelle Hoste
6Brent Fikowski19Bayley Martin
7Dallin Pepper20Guilherme Malheiros
8Jonne Koski21Cole Sager
9Lazar Dukic22Spencer Panchiik
10Travis Mayer23Colten Mertens
11Björgvin Karl Gudmundsson24Nick Mathew
12Samuel Kwant25Samuel Cournoyer
13Chandler Smith

Should be mostly familiar names here, and perhaps not too surprising to see most of these guys on this list, however, the discussion around the top five names is as compelling as we’ve seen in the men’s field. I think any of those top five men could show up on a given weekend and win. 

Saxon Panchik and Gui Malheiros missed the 2023 CrossFit Games and thus might be off the radar for some. However, I still believe both of these men are amongst the top 20 in the world and will likely have bounce back seasons in 2024. 

Breakdown by region (Top-25): 

  • North America: 17
  • Europe: 4
  • Oceania: 3
  • South America: 1


26Henrik Haapaalainen39Jack Farlow
27Will Moorad40Tyler Christophel
28Uldis Upenieks41Tim Paulson
29Moritz Fiebig42Bronislaw Olenkowicz
30James Sprague43Giorgos Karavis
31Austin Hatfield44Guillaume Briant
32Fabian Beneito45Enrico Zenoni
33Alex Vigneault46Mitchel Stevenson
34Alexandre Caron47Luke Parker
35Luka Dukic48Jack Rozema
36Cole Greashaber49Victor Hoffer
37Tudor Magda50Jorge Fernandez
38David Shorunke

This group of men carries a ton of intrigue. Some of these athletes had a great 2023 season / early off season, while others definitely came short of their goals. Every man in this range has the potential to make it to, or back to, the CrossFit Games. However, all 25 of them compete in either North America or Europe and the qualifying path through those reasons is getting more and more difficult every year. 

Breakdown by Region (Top-50):

  • North America: 31
  • Europe: 15
  • Oceania: 3
  • South America: 1


51Royce Dunne64Sam Dancer76Justin Rhodes89Victor Helsinghof
52Adrian Mundwiler65Scott Panchik77Max Krieg90Jake Douglas
53Luis Oscar Mora66John Wood78Garrett Clark91Arthur Semenov
54Bill Leahy IV67Connor Duddy79Evan Rogers92Ant Haynes
55Alex Kotoulas68Luka Vunjak80Antoine Dumain93Morteza Sedaghat
56Bayden Brown69Anthony Davis81Martin Cuervo94Will Kearney
57Colin Bosshard70Kalyan Souza82Austin Spencer95Michael Smith
58Logan Collins71Kaique Cerveny83Angelo DiCicco96Denis Samsonov
59Griffin Roelle72Agustin Richelme84Alec Smith97Jacob Pfaff
60Benoit Boulanger73Scott Tetlow85Reggie Fasa98Phillip Muscarella
61Tola Morakinyo74Daniel Kuc86Aniol Ekai99Marquan Jones
62Joshua Al Chamaa75Michal Wesolowski87Ludvig Hahnsson100Nate Ackerman
63Jake Berman88Peter Ellis

There is a big time range of potential amongst these 50 men. We get a second wave of men from Oceania and South America here, and the first athletes from Asia showing up on the list. And of course, another huge contingency of highly competitive men from North America and Europe. It’s likely that several athletes in this range will compete as part of a team this year. But there are also athletes in this range who will make the CrossFit Games as an individual. 

Breakdown by Region (Top-100):

  • North America: 58
  • Europe: 27
  • Oceania: 8
  • South America: 4
  • Asia: 3


101CJ Gerald114Travon Benton126Hamzeh Tarefi139Dre Strohm
102Harry Lightfoot115Matt Poulin127Lee Sharum140Simon Paquette
103Norman Woodring116Collin Garnek128Brian Huynh141Tyler Lee
104Chris Ibarra117Luke Fowler129Roldan Goldbaum142Luke Fiso
105Isaiah Vidal118Grzegorz Maraszkiewicz130Alexander Majors143PD Savage
106Seth Stovall119Callum Clements131Johnie Charles144Khan Porter
107Rafael Sancen120Cam Crockett132Andris Sturans145Ben Fowler
108Will Bennett121Peter Mason133Reilly Smith146Tiago Luzes
109Jacob Marlow122Mathias Porter134Zac Thomas147Kevin Jurs
110Kristof Horvath123Drake Lewis135Felix Rehder148Rees Machell
111Leonel Franco124Haraldur Holgersson136Simon Mantyla149Quentin McQueen
112Elliot Simmonds125Jeremy Vigneault137Lucas Heuze150Mike Needleman
113Josh Gervais138Cedric Lapointe

Outside the top 100 now, but still a host of savages in this group. Not sure on the plans for all of these men this year, but several of these guys will still be pushing towards relevance in terms of contending for portions of the weekend at North America and European semifinals. We also continue to see the growing depth in terms of men in Oceania, most of them don’t compete internationally though, so it is difficult to assess exactly how they’d stack up against this range of athletes from North America and Europe. 

Breakdown by Region (Top-150):

  • North America: 88
  • Europe: 39
  • Oceania: 15
  • South America: 4
  • Asia: 4


151Daniel Sterling164Victor Ljungdal176Conrad Winnertz189Carlos Coloma
152Sven Geens165Alexander Anasagasti177Ruan Potgieter190Ivan Kukartsev
153Augustin Vilicnik166Tommaso Pieri178Anton Foss191Marc Carmona
154Sam Demeester167Logan Ewing179Matus Kocar192Sam Robinson
155Nikita Yundov168Kealan Henry180Dylan Hamming193Conor Pinnington
156Sam Stewart169Darren Zurnamer181Zachary Buntin194Isaac Newman
157Casper Gammelmark170Benjamin Gutierrez182Hal Fisher195Mitchel Case
158Javier Gonzalez171Esteban Ospina183Jan Matiaska196Riley Martin
159Bryan Hernandez172Daniel Camacho184Andrei Fedotov197Bruno Marins
160Justin Dewing173Nick Thomas185Ruslan Miftakhov198Gustavo Errico
161Matt Brady174Matthew Greene186Anthonee Yim199Lago Guiraldes
162James Newbury175Joel Laney187Miko Lilleorg200Tobias Fox
163Iurii Marincenco188Anton Hassel

The final 50 spots on the list get a pretty good spread globally, including the first men showing up from Africa, another wave of athletes from South America and Oceania, and a big contingency of European men. 

Breakdown by Region (Top-200):

  • North America: 101
  • Europe: 60
  • Oceania: 19
  • South America: 9
  • Asia: 7
  • Africa: 4

Rounding out the top-200 we have a full picture of what the distribution by Region globally looks like. North American men account for just over half of the list, Europe accounts for exactly 30 percent, and the two regions combine for just over 80% of the top 200. Of the remaining continents Oceania has just about as many men on the list as South America, Asia, and Africa combined. Those four continents account for just under 20% of the list, but will account for 57% of the Semfinal qualifiers in the new season format.  

Be on the lookout for our podcast episode discussing the list with Brian, Patrick Clark, and John Young.

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