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November 2, 20236 min read

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If you kept up with B.Friendly Fitness on Instagram throughout the Rogue Invitational, you may have seen our stories where we shared our top-10 “Friendly Facts” of the day powered by B.Friendly Stats. In case you missed any of them, we have compiled all of our “Friendly Facts” of Rogue below.

Thursday and Friday

  1. With a third in “Texas Heavy” and a win in “The Circus”, Roman earns his fifth Rogue top-3 finish.
  2. Will Moorad is the most consistent athlete so far with 11th, 12th, and 13th place finishes. 41% of Moorad’s Rogue finishes are 11th, 12th or 13th.
  3. Seven athletes have improved their event finish with each event.
  4. With Chandler Smith’s fifth place in “Texas Heavy”, Smith has a top-10 finish in all but one event that contains running at Rogue.
  5. In his third Rogue Invitational, Travis Mayer had his worst Rogue finish in “The Circus” where he finished 14th, only his third Rogue finish outside of the top-10.
  6. With a fourth, second, and first so far, Laura Horvath takes her top-5 event finish count at Rogue to 20 and placing top-5 58.8% of the time.
  7. Emma Lawson notches her tenth top-10 finish at Rogue with a ninth in “The Circus” bringing her top-10 finish rate to 76.9%.
  8. The Rogue rookies are making an impact with seven top-5 finishes in the first three events.
  9. With a third in “The Circus”, Dani Speegle earned her first top-3 at Rogue in an event with a monostructural movement, the 30 calorie SkiErg.
  10. With her win in “Texas Heavy”, Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr earned her 11th Rogue win, now winning 44% of the events she’s competed in at Rogue.


  1. With a sixth place finish in “10th Inning”, Lazar Đukić claims his first top-10 finish at Rogue in an event with snatches, and his second top-10 finish with ring muscle-ups and handstand push-ups.
  2. With a 14th in “The Duel” and 13th in “The Duel II”, Jayson Hopper blew his two prior performances out of the water with a victory in “The Duel III”.
  3. There have been two wins by a Rogue Invitational rookie so far, both by Alex Gazan.
  4. With two more third place finishes today, Patrick Vellner notches his 17th and 18th Rogue top-3 finishes increasing his Rogue top-3 finish rate to 47.4%.
  5. Four of the top-10 women have the same worst event finish at 17th place: Alex Gazan (5th), Christine Kolenbrander (6th), Manon Angonese (7th), and Emma Cary (9th).
  6. With a 19th place finish in “The Duel III”, sixth place Chandler Smith is the highest ranked overall athlete with a last place finish. He also has won 3-of-3 max lift events with 2020’s Event 4 (1RM Clean and Jerk), 2022’s “Texas Oak” (1RM Log Lift), and 2023’s “Max Deadlift” (1RM Deadlift).
  7. With an 11th place in “Max Deadlift”, Emma Lawson was the last athlete, man or woman, to have a finish outside of the top-10.
  8. With a fourth, eighth and sixth today, Manon Angonese increased her top-10 finishes at Rogue to eight now placing top-10 50% of the time.
  9. In all three of the men’s events today, two rookies took top-five finishes.
  10. With two sixths and seventh today, Christine Kolenbrander had the most consistent performance in the women’s field.


  1. Travis Mayer has finished sixth place in his three showings at the Rogue Invitational, all in odd years (2019, 2021, 2023).
  2. “Mr. Consistent” Jayson Hopper takes his third seventh place finish at Rogue in just as many years.
  3. Six athletes had the same overall finish at Rogue Invitational as they had at the CrossFit Games.
  4. Jeffrey Adler was the only man with two wins which came in the first and last events.
  5. With a win, a fourth and a 3rd on the final day, Dallin Pepper had the most successful Sunday in the men’s field which catapulted him into eighth place.
  6. Combined, Laura Horváth and Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr had only two finishes outside of the top-5.
  7. Dani Speegle and Lauren Fisher were the only two women to improve their event finish with each event on Sunday.
  8. Emma Lawson matches her 2022 Rogue finishes in event one (5th), five (9th), and third to last (7th).
  9. Sunday was moving day for seventh place Danielle Brandon and fifth place Ricky Garard who jumped up six and seven places, respectively, from Saturday.
  10. Arielle Loewen had a top-6 finish in every event that had a gymnastic piece except for event two, “Seat At The Bar”.

Keep an eye on Instagram during future competitions for more “Friendly Facts” powered by B.Friendly Stats.

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