CrossFit Games Athlete Profile Pages Get Valuable Update

May 11, 20233 min read

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An unexpected update to the athlete profile pages on the CrossFit Games website comes as a welcome surprise today. For as long as I’ve been following this sport I’ve known people who have wanted to see changes to the Games website for any number of reasons. Eventually I became one of them. But, for a while, it seemed like it would never happen. Until this year. 

Slowly the Games website has undergone change to offer a more user friendly, informative, and comprehensive experience for fans, researchers, and even athletes themselves. The latest in those changes comes today and is an excellent upgrade.

Worldwide, Region, Country, and Affiliate Breakdown

The first change you’ll notice is that there is more information immediately present on each athlete. When applicable you can see how an athlete did:

  • In the world overall and for their division
  • In their region overall and for their division
  • In their country overall and for their division
  • And in their affiliate overall and for their division

There is now an individual link to each of those pages for everything other than the affiliate results.  

Leaderboard Links 

The second big change comes in the form of URL links to the leaderboard for each athlete’s performance at each stage of a CrossFit Games season they competed in. This includes:

  • The Open
  • Individual Quarterfinals
  • Team Quarterfinals
  • Age Group Quarterfinals
  • Regionals
  • Semifinals
  • The CrossFit Games

This feature works for individuals, age groups athletes, and team performances. 

Perhaps the best athlete’s profile page to go to if you want to see every one of these things is Jenn Ryan . She has at least one data point for every one of the previously listed scenarios or competitions. 

Long Overdue and Greatly Appreciated Update

For some of us, this change may feel very long overdue; and it might be. However, the next best time to do anything is right now, and I for one am grateful this has happened. Big appreciation for whomever was involved in planning this, approving it, working on it, and anything else it took to make it happen. I believe the entire experience of using the CrossFit Games Leaderboards just got significantly enhanced for everyone. 

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