Top-40 Male CrossFitters of All-Time

August 31, 20232 min read

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This is a list Brian has been keeping and updating once a year for several years.

  • It is only updated following the CrossFit Games each year.
  • It only factors in what happened AT the CrossFit Games in each athlete’s career.
  • Athletes must compete in a minimum of three CrossFit Games to even be eligible for consideration on the list.

Below you will see last year’s top-40 contrasted with this year’s top-40:

  • There are three new athletes on the list this year:
    • Roman Khrennikov, Lazar Dukic, Chandler Smith
  • There are also three athletes who move up on relative to other competitors:
    • Pat Vellner, Jeff Adler, Jonne Koski

Main factors considered, and please note that these are weighed carefully but there is no perfect science:

  • Appearances
  • Championships, podiums, top-ten finishes
  • Average finish (excluding some WD years)
  • Event Wins
  • Era (or years) competed during- relative strength of field

Top-40 Male CrossFitters, 2022 vs 2023:

Athlete (2022)RankAthlete (2023)
Mat Fraser1Mat Fraser
Rich Froning Jr.2Rich Froning Jr.
Ben Smith3Patrick Vellner*
Patrick Vellner4Ben Smith
Jason Khalipa5Jason Khalipa
Scott Panchik6Scott Panchik
Justin Medeiros7Justin Medeiros
Bjorgvin Karl Gudmiundsson8Bjorgvin Karl Gudmiundsson
Brent Fikowski9Brent Fikowski
Noah Ohlsen10Noah Ohlsen
Josh Bridges11Josh Bridges
Dan Bailey12Dan Bailey
Cole Sager13Jeffrey Adler*
Jonne Koski14Roman Khrennikov*
Graham Holmberg15Jonne Koski*
Matt Chan16Cole Sager
Mikko Salo17Graham Holmberg
Travis Mayer18Matt Chan
Samuel Kwant19Mikko Salo
Tommy Hackenbruck20Travis Mayer
Saxon Panchik21Samuel Kwant
Spencer Hendel22Tommy Hackenbruck
Chris Spealler23Saxon Panchik*
Jeffrey Adler24Spencer Hendel
Jacob Heppner25Chris Spealler
Alex Anderson26Lazar Dukic*
Alex Vigneault27Jacob Heppner
Kyle Kasperbauer28Alex Anderson
Neal Maddox29Chandler Smith*
Austin Malleolo30Alex Vigneault
Logan Collins31Kyle Kasperbauer
Josh Everett32Neal Maddox
Lukas Hogberg33Austin Malleolo
Jeremey Thiel34Logan Collins
Patrick Burke35Josh Everett
Chad Mackay36Lukas Hogberg
Pat Barber37Jeremey Thiel
James Fitzgerald38Patrick Burke
Lucas Parker39Chad Mackay
Rob Forte40Pat Barber

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