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  • May 11, 2023By Brian

    Image Credit: Games.CrossFit.com An unexpected update to the athlete profile pages on the CrossFit Games website comes as a welcome surprise today. For as long as I’ve been following this sport I’ve known people who have wanted to see changes to the Games website for any number of reasons. Eventually I became one of them.

  • May 10, 2023By Patrick Clark

    Brian Friend, Founder and CEO of B.Friendly Fitness shares why he started his new platform and what he hopes to achieve with his new platform. Directed/Produced/Edited by Alex Sroka

  • May 10, 2023By Brian

    Written by Brian Friend Story Idea and Contributions from: Ryan Tate Image Credit: Athlete’s Eye Athletes: Mathew Fraser and Streat Hoerner If you’ve stumbled upon the sport of CrossFit and you aren’t entirely sure what is happening… This article is for you!  However, even for those who have been watching for a long time, per the words

  • May 10, 2023By Brian

    Image Credit: Athlete's Eye Athlete: Elisa Fuliano What We Like, What We’re Curious About Another early Semifinal present from CrossFit; three of the individual workouts were released Tuesday evening on the heels of the team tests surprising us the night before.  As we did with the teams, here’s what we like, and something we’re curious

  • May 9, 2023By Brian

    Image Credit: Athlete's Eye In a surprise move CrossFit Games Instagram released the team workouts for Semifinals Monday evening. (Most were expecting all the programming for both teams and individuals to be announced Thursday, one week before the start of week one of the Semifinals).  After spending some time looking them over and thinking about

  • May 8, 2023By Brian

    Several European Semifinal Athletes Compete In Greece, but Is It A Good Idea this Close to Semis? Image Credit: Athlete's Eye Six European semifinalists podiumed at the Athens Throwdown over this past weekend. The competition is a month out from Semifinals and therefore begs the question: What impact does competing a month prior to a

  • May 5, 2023By Brian

    Contributions by J.R. Howell and Taylor Self Image Credit: Athlete's Eye Semifinals are fast approaching, and a hot topic, as always when major competitions, especially a qualifying stage to the CrossFit Games is upon us, is the programming.  What can we expect to see and why?  We’ve got programming experts J.R. Howell and Taylor Self

  • May 5, 2023By Brian

    Brian Friend and Mike Halpin propose a new method to determine who competes at each stage of the CrossFit Games season Research provided by Mike Halpin Image Credit - Athlete’s Eye It is no secret that CrossFit has made an effort this year to present its community with a system which is intended to create

  • April 29, 2023By Brian

    Image Credit - Athlete’s Eye If you did not see our Men’s Power Rankings article, check it out!  I’ve been creating my own power rankings for the sport of CrossFit for nearly a decade. It began as a means to try to beat my friends in a version of fantasy CrossFit that I created leading