Oslo Throwdown Relocates to Bigger Venue, for Better Opportunities in 2024

December 17, 20234 min read

After two successful years at X Meeting Point, Aktivitet Nordic AS (Throwdown Events), has decided to take the next step and move the Oslo Throwdown to Telanor Arena for the 2024 season. The decision to move venues is driven by the goal of providing a better experience for athletes, partners, sponsors, and fans.

“We’re not only creating a venue for athletes to compete, but also a place for people to come and be inspired by participating in classes and workshops in addition to watching the competition.” 

Event Director Roger Gillros – on new venue decision

The shift in venue is in line with the growth in both participation and spectator numbers over the last two years. In 2022, the event hosted 600 athletes from 21 different countries and welcomed an audience of overt 2100. This past year, in 2023, those numbers increased to 760 athletes and nearly 2800 spectators. With continued expansion for 2024, the change to a new, bigger venue makes sense. 

In a recent announcement Gillros provides context in terms of what this venue is capable of hosting, “the Telanor Arena is Scandanavia’s largest Sport arena. It has hosted national football and ice hockey matches as well as international stars like Madonna and 50 Cent.” 

Hosting a competition, or any event of this size, is about more than just space though. Some important features of the Telanor Arena which make accommodating such large numbers both practical and enjoyable for everyone on site are their state-of-the art facilities. The venue has four locker rooms, 80 showers, over 200 toilets, a diverse array of dining options, easy access in and out when it comes to transport and parking, and improved comfort for all including suites and lounging options for sponsors and/or hosting seminars. “The arena represents innovation, expansion, and creativity, all of which align with our vision for the Oslo Throwdown,” explains Gillros. 

On the competition front, Gillros announces a new division in 2024, “This year, we are also introducing a brand new division, ‘Team of 2 Elite MIX’, for top athletes from around the world who want to visit Norway and compete in the Throwdown.” On the vendor side of things Aktivitet Nordic and Le Pact are planning a Vendor Village experience for exhibitors with the intent of highlighting each brand’s products and services in the most optimal way possible. 

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Gillros and Throwdown Events host at least six competitions annually across Scandinavia. The frequency with which they host competitions, allows their core team more opportunities in a short amount of time to become masters of their respective crafts. If you’re looking for an international competition to travel for, give strong consideration to the Oslo Throwdown, or any of the other Throwdown Events Gillros and crew are hosting in 2024:

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