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April 30, 202312 min read

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I’ve been creating my own power rankings for the sport of CrossFit for nearly a decade. It began as a means to try to beat my friends in a version of fantasy CrossFit that I created leading into the 2014 CrossFit Games (Mat Fraser was a sleeper pick that year). 

More recently it has evolved to be my best effort at a global representation of who are actually the fittest men and women on Earth. This does not mean they are necessarily all the athletes you’ve seen at the Games, because as many of you know, the systems CrossFit has had over the years do not always find the fittest field to take the test that determines the fittest person on earth. 


Paper St. Coffee

Last August following the 2022 CrossFit Games I put out a top 100 worldwide rankings for men:


This was a snapshot that included everyone who could potentially be competing as an individual for the 2023 season based on what I knew then. 

In January following all the major offseason events those were updated:


By this time there were 17 men from the August list who I knew would not be competing individually next season. Eleven of them would be going team, four of them were either injured or taking the season off, and the other two simply aren’t competing any more. 

May 2023, post Quarterfinals and leading into Semifinals

I wasn’t certain I was going to do a power rankings at this point in the season, however, another 24 athletes from my January list are no longer in the season including some very notable names. Given that nearly a quarter of the list is no longer competing this year, it was absolutely necessary to update the list. 

Unlike the worldwide rankings, which are confined by past performances and all the accompanying issues with that, or the strength of field allocation which factors in athletes who are not competing this season in some cases, this list only contains athletes who remain active in the 2023 individual CrossFit Games season. They have all registered for Semifinals and can be found on the Games site for their respective competitive region.

The Top 25

RANKAthleteCompetitive RegionsPreviousChangeWWR
1Justin MedeirosNorth America West101
2Roman KhrennikovNorth America East207
3Patrick VellnerNorth America West412
4Jeffrey AdlerNorth America East516
5Jayson HopperNorth America East619
6Björgvin Karl GuðmundssonEurope713
7Samuel KwantNorth America West8115
8Lazar ĐukićEurope915
9Brent FikowskiNorth America West1018
10Guilherme MalheirosSouth America11110
11Nick MathewNorth America West12121
12Dallin PepperNorth America East13120
13Jonne KoskiEurope14111
14Saxon PanchikNorth America East1514
15Chandler SmithNorth America West16128
16Noah OhlsenNorth America East17111
17Cole SagerNorth America West18113
18Spencer PanchikNorth America East21330
19Samuel CournoyerNorth America East22369
20Henrik HaapalainenEurope23317
21Jay CrouchOceania24318
22Alex VigneaultNorth America East25314
23Tudor MagdaNorth America West27443
24Cole GreashaberNorth America West28431
25Guillaume BriantEurope29434

Not too much change here. Ricky Garard was previously third, removing him moves everyone up a spot. Willy Georges, Travis Mayer, and Scott Panchik were also previously on the list, their removal is what created the increases of three and four seen in ranks 18-25.

The worldwide rankings in the far right column are from CrossFit, and as you can see most of these athletes are in the top 50. The only exception being Cournoyer who competed with, and won the Games on CrossFit Mayhem Freedom team last year- therefore unknowingly foregoing most of his opportunity to earn any points in their system.

Spots 26-50

RANKAthleteCompetitive RegionsPreviousChangeWWR
26Luka ĐukićEurope30425
27Alexandre CaronNorth America East32526
28Moritz FiebigEurope33532
29Tyler ChristophelNorth America East34534
30Bill Leahy IVNorth America West36687
31Uldis UpenieksEurope37616
32Will MooradNorth America East38619
33Giorgos KaravisEurope39623
34Enrico ZenoniEurope40648
35Alex KotoulasEurope42739
36Jake BermanNorth America East43742
37Colten MertensNorth America West44724
38Fabian BeneitoEurope45738
39James SpragueNorth America East46752
40Bayley MartinOceania477115
41Mitchel StevensonNorth America West48772
42Griffin RoelleNorth America East50847
43Agustin RichelmeSouth America51827
44Leonel FrancoNorth America West52862
45Connor DuddyNorth America East53840
46Luka VunjakEurope54881
47Jelle HosteEurope569378
48Jack FarlowNorth America East581057
49Benoît BoulangerNorth America East601187
50Jake DouglasOceania6111110

Again most of the athletes in this range are just moving up because of athletes who are not competing this year: Bayden Brown, Matt Dlugos, Austin Spencer, and Adrian Mundwiler were previously in this range, none of them are competing this year. 

We see three men who are outside the top 100 on CrossFit’s worldwide rankings who I have listed here in the top 50. Bayley Martin and Jake Douglas out of Oceania and Jelle Hoste out of Europe. Because of the skewed points systems at Semifinals, men like Martin and Douglas in Oceania don’t get as many points for relatively high finishes at their Semifinal, and also have very little opportunity to make the Games where a majority of the points are available. 

It is well documented by now that the current WWR and SoF system are skewed in the favor of the larger competitive regions and that the smaller ones have little to no chance of ever effecting change no matter how good they may get. Clearly that needs to change. 

However, with big names like Garard, Brown, Royce Dunne, and Luke de Jong out of Oceania this year, there is opportunity for us to see if some of these young men are actually competitive as top 50 athletes in the sport. If that does end up being the case, it drives home the fact even more that the current system needs to be revised – time will tell.

Spots 51-75

RANKAthleteCompetitive RegionsPreviousChangeWWR
51Reggie FasaEurope621153
52Ludvig HahnssonEurope631178
53Anthony DavisNorth America West641145
54Aniol EkaiEurope6511657
55Jack RozemaNorth America West671263
56Bronislaw OlenkowiczEurope681287
57John WoodNorth America West701394
58Luke ParkerNorth America East71131503
59Michael SmithEurope731496
60Matt PoulinNorth America West741448
61Kealan HenryAfrica771640
62Peter EllisOceania7816194
63Rees MachellOceania8118138
64Antoine DumainEurope831974
65Denis SamsonovNorth America East8520133
66Jacob PfaffNorth America East872144
67Scott TetlowNorth America West882148
68Luis Oscar MoraNorth America West892194
69Phillip MuscarellaNorth America West912284
70Iurii MarincencoEurope922259
71Victor HofferEurope9827208
72James NewburyOceaniaUnrankedN/A3977
73David ShorunkeEuropeUnrankedN/A1368
74Cam CrockettNorth America EastUnrankedN/A48
75Luke FowlerOceaniaUnrankedN/A198

For the first time on this list, previously unranked athletes are showing up. We see four of them sneaking into the last four spots in this section, highlighted by a couple notable names whose worldwide rankings are in the thousands. 

When advertising a system which is supposed to reflect the current competitive landscape, you need a way to account for successful and talented athletes who have taken time away from competing (for any reason), who may be returning to the competitive field of play. We have a solution to that problem that we will be releasing later this week. 

In the meantime, this section of the list is particularly important, because it is likely that 3 to 5 men from these 25 will make the Games, and most of them would be doing so for their first time. 

Spots 76-100

RankAthleteCompetitive RegionsPreviousChangeWWR
76Arthur SemenovAsia951977
77Kaique CervenySouth America847132
78Travon BentonNorth America West9416112
79Nikita YundovEurope971865
80Peter MasonNorth America East1002055
81Jacob MarlowNorth America WestUnrankedN/A281
82Evan RogersNorth America EastUnrankedN/A85
83Lee SharumNorth America EastUnrankedN/A104
84Will KearneyOceaniaUnrankedN/A2855
85Michal WesolowskiEuropeUnrankedN/A2169
86Morteza SedaghatAsiaUnrankedN/A122
87Victor LjungdalEuropeUnrankedN/A117
88Lucas HeuzeEuropeUnrankedN/A184
89Alexander AnasagastiEuropeUnrankedN/A202
90Tommaso PieriEuropeUnrankedN/A61
91Justin RhodesNorth America WestUnrankedN/A82
92Brian HuynhNorth America WestUnrankedN/A71
93Roldan GoldbaumNorth America WestUnrankedN/A134
94Tyler LeeNorth America EastUnrankedN/A90
95Logan EwingNorth America WestUnrankedN/A139
96Seth StovallNorth America EastUnrankedN/A198
97Will BennettNorth America WestUnrankedN/A69
98Marquan JonesNorth America EastUnrankedN/A58
99Nate AckermannNorth America EastUnrankedN/A238
100Daniel KucNorth America WestUnrankedN/A238

Most of the athletes on this final quarter of the list are new to the list, and most of those are from the three competitive regions which get 60 spots at Semifinals. As our previously referenced articles about True Strength of Field will show, that is indeed where the most depth is, so having these athletes who were previously just off the list occupy these spots now makes sense. 

I do still think it’s possible we see an athlete from this section make it to the Games, but more likely there are a couple athletes here who will miss the Games by a few spots despite having impressive and noteworthy Semifinal weekends which increase our interest for them in the offseason, and going into next season. 

The Next 25:

In no particular order (other than being categorized by competitive region), here are the next 25 men I considered for the top 100 at this point in the 2023 season.

AthleteCompetitive Regions
Andrei FedotovAsia
Ruslan MiftakhovAsia
Ant HaynesAsia
Jason SmithAfrica
Darren ZurnamerAfrica
Ruan PotgieterAfrica
Benjamin GutierrezSouth America
Eseteban OspinaSouth America
Martín CuervoEurope
Daniel CamachoEurope
Jan MatiaskaEurope
Matúš KočarEurope
Harry LightfootEurope
Drake LewisNorth America West
Anton FossNorth America West
Adam McAdamsNorth America West
Andris SturansNorth America West
Rafael SancenNorth America West
Anthonee YimNorth America West
Matthew GreeneNorth America West
Joel LaneyNorth America West
Dylan PettitNorth America East
Austin HatfieldNorth America East
Alexander MajorsNorth America East
Johnie CharlesNorth America East

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